10 short observations about your area of interest

As online/offline shopping is my interest area, so I did both the last weekend. Firstly I visited Soho to looking around some stores. And I also bought some clothes using several online shopping websites and apps.

  1. Store managers or workers are always asking customers ‘Do you need any help?’ but people usually just want to look around.
  2. Sometimes, there are so many additional promotions so it is hard to know what is the final price is now, which is different from the tag. (Even the store worker forget that this item has additional promotion)
  3. Even if you find the good ones eventually in the store, your size is sometimes already sold out.
  4. You can easily find the people in the store who compare the price online.
  5. Whenever I decide to buy something online, there are always fears such as ‘It may have different looking/texture/colors actually when I see it.’ or ‘What if it is small or big for me.’ It can be a big problem if it is a final sale and not allowed to be returned.
  6. In an online shopping mall, there are so many items in one category, so it takes so much time to check every item, which makes me choose certain brands first even if I want to try new brands I don’t know.
  7. Even if visiting websites using a computer screen is the more efficient cause of the bigger screen size but watching the items using the phone app sometimes makes me more comfortable and chill.
  8. When I find the store or the website selling a certain item at the cheapest price I feel really good. But it takes so much time.
  9. Outlet stores’ interior designs are always worse than normal stores.
  10. No one likes the return process such as printing, taping, and dropping off.

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