Based on the 1st hypothesis experiment, I did 2nd hypothesis experiment with a slightly different form of prototypes. Below is the hypothesis I want to prove.

Below is the experiment design.

I used Zoom for this experiment same as 1st experiment. Below is the prototype I used.

Based on the assumption mapping and diary study I did, I started to test my hypothesis using the first prototype. Below is how I developed the testable hypothesis.

I could not put participants in an actual dangerous situation for safety reasons, so I assumed an imaginary situation in my prototype…

Before I started hypothesis testing using the first prototype. I did a diary study to find out what situations people usually feel unsafe when they are alone. So I asked 20–30s 6 people (3 Male, 3 Female) to write down memos whenever they feel unsafe when alone outside for a week.

Below is the result note.

To expand my thesis idea and get some unexpected insights I expand research into unexpected areas which are related to my thesis problem but are kind of different. My classmate Tien-Wei recommended research about the things visitors should not do in certain countries. And I think it is very interesting and helpful so I did some researches about it. Below are some findings.

Before I started further researches, I mapped my assumptions about solo travel safety. After I created assumptions mapping, I got some feedback from my classmates (Tien-Wei & Yuxuan). And then I organized my assumptions in the table. Lastly, I created a priority matrix to find out the assumptions having higher priority to test.

Here are some assumptions I have for my thesis idea.

  • There are a lot of people who gave up traveling alone because of safety issues.
  • There will be already many services for safe travel. Some must be helpful but some are not helpful.
  • People’s feelings about safety can differ depending on certain cities/countries.
  • People think current safety services/systems for traveling alone are not enough to feel safe.
  • Travel alone can be more dangerous for women, children, seniors, and people with disabilities.

My initial ‘HMW’ was “How might we find the perfect size when shopping online?”. This is definitely the meaningful problem I want to solve. However, I thought in my thesis project I wanted to solve the more complicated problem which needs more researches, analysis, and strategic thinking. …

JB Choi

Interaction + Visual Designer

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